"We can do no great things, only small things with great love." - Mother Teresa

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Things that have been going on around here lately

Let's start with this yummy bit of breakfast. For years, John has eaten peanut butter with syrup on his pancakes. I have always stuck my nose in the air and condoned him for his bad taste. Finally, last week, he made me try it. Let's just say that we had better not have pancakes too often anymore, or I am going to put on a lot of extra peanut butter and syrup weight.

Paul is a vehicle man. He likes toys with wheels. He is also my most maternal child. Put those two together, and this is what you get.

And, no, trains don't whistle in their sleep.
Hyrum has a thing with standing on the table. I don't know if he likes to be at the same elevation the rest of us are or what, but he is always on the kitchen table. I have been sticking the chairs under the table, but he has figured out how to pull them out. The funny thing is, once he is up, he can't get down. So, instead of fighting the loosing battle of trying to keep him off, I have resigned and just let him get on. It is kind of nice, because since he can't get down, I always know where he is.

Paul was hiding between the loveseat and the pillows, and it was just too cute not to post.

And last, but certainly not least, I had a wonderful birthday. Thanks for all the heartfelt wishes I recieved. Mom watched the kids for a huge chunk of the day so John and I could go to the temple. Mom made an AMAZING chocolate-caramel-pecan cheesecake. It was SO good. And, John always makes me a fruit platter for my birthday. This year, he took a picture of it while I was still in bed. Isn't it bee-utee-ful?


Becky Jensen said...

I love the picture of the train down for a nap... so cute!!

Lyndee said...

peanut butter and syrup are the best! I'm glad you have come over to the dark side! :) and happy birthday! :)

Brya said...

That train taking a nap is soooo stinking cute, Ican see him doing that. That fruit platter looks pretty good too!