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Monday, February 9, 2009

Return Policy

How many of you know about the Kidvantage program at Sears? You give them your phone number so you have an account and you get to partake of this fabulous program. If you buy a piece of kid's clothing and it is damaged in some way (like, Jr. falls and tears the knee out of his jeans, some kid grabs yours by the coat on the playground and the coat rips, etc. - doesn't have to be a "wearing out" issue) and you take it back to Sears, they replace it with a same size item for FREE! Yes, FREE! I would recommend keeping your receipt or you are at the mercy of the clerk, but it is a great program. I took back a brand-X coat of Joy's that ripped in three places, and since they didn't have that brand anymore, they replaced her coat with a high-quality, name brand coat! And, they keep track of your purchases, and after $100 you get a 15% off trip (I think.) Anyway, with the boys being as rough on jeans as they are, it is so worth it. Plus, they have a brand of jeans called "ToughSkins" that you can get with reinforced knees! They must know my kids.

Another return story. John bought an electric toothbrush from Kohl's the other day. When we got home and took it out of the package, it had someone's initials written on it, crust and grime in the seams and smelled of urine in the battery compartment. Gross! I can understand if they decided to return the item, but putting it out on the shelf was a little extreme. Let's hope someone made a mistake!

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Linda said...

The toothbrush thing is horrible. I am really Yucky. How could they take it back? As for SEARS Yes they are wonderful!!!