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Friday, February 13, 2009

Car cover idea

I got a wild hair on Monday and decided that I couldn't live with the disaster of our van anymore. So, I cleaned all the junk out, vacuumed and washed all the seats, sides, etc and washed the outside. As I washed the seats, I realized that they really needed some kind of cover to keep the leather from being permanently ruined (and me from having to do a deep clean so often!). I looked at buying them when we first purchased the van, but nothing on the market fit well at all (at least, if I didn't want to take on an additional car payment to finance really nice ones.) Solution? I got an old queen-sized sheet and laid it over the back bench and cut a few slits for the seat belts.
Then, I pulled the excess around the back and installed a few safety pins.
Ta-Da! A pretty decent seat cover!
If my children weren't so diametrically opposed to headrests, I would stick those back in and it would be really secure. Unfortunately, they are just the wrong height for that. You win some, you loose some. Also, I used some old crib sheets to cover the two bucket seats in the middle. I think the manufacturers of bucket seat covers actually just use a crib sheet as the pattern for their products. They work great!

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