"We can do no great things, only small things with great love." - Mother Teresa

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

And what a memorable day it was! We went to the cove this morning to see low tide off the pier. The pier is one of John's favorite places, and so we go there all the time, but I have never been during low tide, and it was quite a different experience. We had a ton of fun looking at all the crabs, starfish and fish in the water, just a few feet away from us.
While we were walking down the pier, Hyrum happened to look down through the cracks, and was all the sudden afraid to walk anymore.
If you want to take time to watch the video, it is hilarious! After we went down on the floating dock and looked closely at the sea creatures, we went back up again and looked out at the pier. Of course, the kids had to climb up the railing, and in the process, Brigham donated one of his shoes to the sea. We waited around for about 20 minutes hoping that it's course would intersect with the floating dock and we might be able to retrieve it, but it was no use, and we now need to get a new pair of "crocs" for Brigham.
You can't tell it from the picture, but this shoe makes a great sea vessel, it was about 50 feet out from us at this point.

In the afternoon, we went to some friends for a barbecue and had a lot of fun. However, we had several exposures I could have done without. Twice, my attention was pulled away from a discussion by the sound of several kids yelling, "Sister D, Brother D!" Not only was my attention grabbed by that, but so was the entire backyard's. And, both times, there was Brigham with his pants going down and the boy parts coming out. Let's just say that our friends don't need to water their lawn in several spots now. I swear, that child is going to be thrown into a cell for indecent exposure. Of course, I may not be too far behind him. I am trying to wear more skirts (that is a whole separate post I will have to do sometime) and so I wore one all day today. And all day, it wasn't a problem. So, I didn't think anything of it at the barbecue. Until I was standing chatting with some friends when I realized that something was fluttering behind my shoulders. Yes, it was my SKIRT! Fortunately, I was wearing a slip. Even more fortunately, the backyard behind me was clear. But, that was one gathering that had to be left early for the sake of all. The breeze picked up, and even with walking around with the skirt gathered in my hands, there was danger of exposure. So, the kids had to forgo root beer floats and I can still look my friends in the eye. Ah, life.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Holy Calories, Batman!

Did you know that in one serving of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese there are 410 calories? Wow! I don't eat them anymore (except for one or two bites because I just can't resist) but I figure they are great for fattening the kids! I know, better to stuff them with highly nutritious calories, but I am not always that on top of it. So, for lunch today, the kids eat Mac and Cheese and I eat a plate of zucchini. Unfortunately, I am not sure that the zucchini is that much more nutritious after I slather it with margarine!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sixth folder

Sixth folder, fourth (last) picture. I didn't actually have six pictures in that one! I am obviously not the world's best photographer. Poor kids, they were more than a little scared of the sprinkler. Perhaps that is because it only came out three times the whole summer. I now understand why they don't sell many outdoor water toys here. I tag Brya, Erin, KellyAnne, Linda, and Angela!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Conversation with Joy

Me - Aren't these grapes nice and crispy?
Joy - No, they taste like soap.
Me - Soap? Maybe your mouth tastes like soap.
Joy - No, my lunch didn't taste like soap. Maybe I am allergic to grapes.
Me - Hmm.
Joy - Did I used to be such a great reader before I had grapes?
Me - Um, no. You had grapes long before you were such a great reader.
Joy - That must be it. I must be allergic. Grapes make you change. That must be why I am such a great reader.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

John, flowers, and poor little momma bird

This is what we have been up to lately.
Yes, John is home! After having been gone for THREE months, he is now home. We felt prompted that it was time to come home, so he came. And, we couldn't be more excited.
And, Paul has found a new favorite past time. He loves to bring me flowers. If only it were something more than dandelions. I guess that would mean I would have to be growing something other than dandelions, but that would be someone else's house.

Last thing. On Saturday I was preparing to mow the backyard when I moved the out-of-commission bubble tractor.

Low and behold, there was a bird's nest with a single egg. I debated, talked to John, and decided to leave the tractor where it was. The kids had obviously left the tractor alone long enough for some crazy bird to build a nest, maybe they would continue to leave it alone. I did not remember, however, that we have had a spell of rain for a while, and the kids hadn't been outside. When I went out today, a nice warm day (yes, 51 degrees counts as warm here), I noticed that the tractor had been moved about a foot backward. I actually just mowed around the tractor, so its exact original position was pretty easy to figure out. There were now not one, but three eggs.
Tell me, what kind of a crazy bird builds a nest under a child's toy? Of course the boys noticed the nest, and even though I told them not to touch the tractor, they are a little young to understand. So now I only had two options. Keep the kids in the house until the eggs were hatched, babies raised and gone, or move the nest. I chose my sanity over the eggs. So, the eggs were relocated to a low bush in the backyard.
My big mistake was allowing the boys to see where the eggs were. About an hour later, Paul came in smeared with yolk, and I knew the eggs were gone. I felt bad, but, come on, under a tractor? What was that momma bird thinking. And, I had never actually see a bird out there. This afternoon she decided to make up for lost time. Lo and behold, I looked out the window, and there was a little bird hopping all over the long grass where the tractor used to be. She hopped over to the tractor and went under it and all over it. Then, she made a beeline for the bush where her eggs were stored. That poor momma bird made the rounds at least four more times before I finally closed the blinds because I was starting to tear up and cry over those darn eggs! My poor children must think I am demented. What other person do you know who cries so easy?

Monday, May 4, 2009

The power of a kind word

I have been feeling the need to do more lately. I mean, more for other people and the world around me. There is so much need for people to help, and I feel too busy with trying to survive to give anything more. I realized today that there is something I can do that takes no extra time or money, and only costs me a little discomfort. What is this thing? A compliment. Everywhere you go there is someone who does or is something worth complimenting. All it takes from me is to get out of my self-absorbed bubble, and pass the praise along. I did it twice while I was out this morning. I complimented two complete strangers. And, it felt great. I hope they felt great too.

Since you listened to my soapbox, I have a small reward for you. One of the great ladies in our ward took pictures of the kids the other day, and I wanted to share with you. Here they are. Thanks, Sarah.