"We can do no great things, only small things with great love." - Mother Teresa

Thursday, February 19, 2009


For some odd reason, I have always had a fear of making pants. Call me irrational and illogical and I will completely agree with you. But, I finally had to face my fear in the face and do it anyway. Paul has now moved into a size 5 pajama, and boys pj's of that size are ridiculously priced. ($32 for a pair of Carter footies!) I bought a pattern with just an elastic waistband pant and baseball-type shirt and got to work. I may never buy another pair of jammies again! They are SO easy. I had no idea! I just used some polar fleece purchased for previous projects and cut up a moby wrap I made, and viola - pjs! And, they are so dang cute and comfy looking. Definitely a much better option than buying. (Assuming, of course, you can get the fabric on sale. Fabric can be REALLY overpriced.) Did I ever mention that I have a bit of a pattern fetish? I love patterns. In fact, I was in pursuit of the pj pattern when I stumbled on the apron pattern! Paul just went to sleep, so maybe I will add a picture of the pair I am working on tonight later.

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Lyndee said...

that is awesome! I like making pj pants cuz they are easy. :) good luck to you in your sewing adventures. :)