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Friday, February 13, 2009

The prettiest Valentines EVER

Okay, maybe not ever, but definitely the prettiest I've ever made. Long story short, my friends Chivan and Laurie came over last night and taught me how to make peanut butter chocolate balls. So, teachers and others got these adorable (and really tasty) Valentines. Yum!

Funny side note. When Laurie came over and asked how many I wanted to make, I told her just the usual sized batch. She told me it wouldn't make much, because they usually got eaten before they could be made. This is not my idea of "not much". Not that I am complaining.

And, we did also make cute Valentines for the kids' classes. I got on a sucker making kick a few years ago, and I have LOTS of sucker molds, so this is what the kids did this year. For homework, Joy had to write her classmate's names on theirs. I didn't really want to go through the pain of forcing the issue much farther than the 24 names she already had to write, so I just had her write her name, and I scanned them in and printed them out with her name already "written" on them. Cheating? Well, her teacher didn't say she had to write her name on them, just their names on them!


KellyAnne said...

All that handwriting is a lot of work!
Love the sucker valentines and yes, those peanut butter ball things are very very cute, and delicious looking! You have very talented friends!

Nerell said...

I want to know how to make them! Both chocolate and lollipops look yummmmy..... Job Well Done

Linda said...

The peanut butter balls were fabulous. I need to know how to make them. Thanks Tara!!

Brya said...

So stinking CUTE!!!

Chivaun-o-rama said...

I forgot my sucker... :(

I had fun making candies...we need to do it with my mom so she can teach you right...I know I didn't do things right..plus when you use real candy making chocolate, you'll never go back.. :]