"We can do no great things, only small things with great love." - Mother Teresa

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Great Motivation

For my birthday, my dear sweet husband got me a body-composition scale. This means I know, not only how much I weigh, but my body-fat percentage. I know what you are thinking, "Wow, what a thoughtful gift, jerk!" But really, it was something I have been wanting. I have a few extra pounds to drop, but I just can't get motivated to stay with an exercise regime. I mean, really, I should just be doing it for long-term health, but I don't do that either. So, John got me the scale. For one reason and another, I haven't used it yet. I decided to bite the bullet this morning and get it out. The first reading I got wasn't so bad, I mean, sure I had only kept off six of the pounds I lost last year, but six pounds is six pounds, right? Then, the fat percentage flashed. Wow! Talk about motivation. Almost one third of my weight is fat! Yikes! Can't you just picture an outline of yourself and see the fat layer from the skin in? I mean, I know that isn't really how it works, but I am a visual person, and I think the desire to shrink that fat line in my mental picture will be enough to sustain me for a little while, at least!


erin said...

You are hilarious!!If I could look that good with a third of my weight fat, I'd be feeling good!! Which you know when I am there in March I will be using this scale, maybe it's what I need to get going!!

Chivaun-o-rama said...

How does the scale know that's your fat percentage??

I hated those days in PE when they did your Body-Fat percentage...most of the time I skipped school... ;)