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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Obstacle Course

In the attempt to work on things we need to this summer (and not just be bored all the time) we decided to do an obstacle course using our backyard stuff. One of the neighbor girls came over, and she is the girl in the skirt. Also, we were very blessed a couple of days ago. Mom and Dad's neighbor is moving, so they gave us two backyard play structures. I was very impressed by their generosity. We don't actually know them personally, but they see us walking back and forth all the time and know we have lots of kids. Anyway, I digress. Obstacle course. So, I am trying to make sure Paul does a lot of physical activities, so we tried to make sure we had lots of areas covered. To start, the kids had to climb up one side, climb down the other and slide down the slide. Not pictured is the tunnel we made out of a play mat they had to crawl through, then ride up the slope on the trike.

There they had to kick a bouncy ball across the lawn to the house, step through the improv ladder (strings and pool noodles, thank you!),

roll a five pound ball to the house, go in through the door

and out through the dog door.

Then, they had to use the hose as a balance beam,
back to the original play structure where they stood at the door to the garage and threw wiffle balls through the holes on the side. The kids had fun, but I think I had more fun thinking it up!

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That looks like lots of fun! Wish we lived closer!! :)