"We can do no great things, only small things with great love." - Mother Teresa

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Automatic Sprinkler

As you know, Paul is now potty trained. He sits just like a big boy and does a pretty good job. Well, somehow he got the idea in his head that he should stand to go. I was willing to let him, but, no more. As a side note, the toilet in our downstairs bathroom is booby trapped for boys. If you lift the seat, it falls back down after a few seconds. This has never really been a concern for me, but this day it proved fatal. Paul stood in front of the seat, and I stood directly behind him with my knees against his back to keep him close enough to the seat. I also held the lid so it wouldn't fall and injure/scare him. So, it started. And, I assumed that aiming was just like aiming a gun, point and shoot. No. Things don't always come out the way you expect. So, Paul's first shot hit the bathroom wall and started to swing wildly from there. In panic, I let go of the seat and tried to steady his aim. SLAM!! The seat slammed down hard and fast. I grabbed it up again, but Paul was on a roll. This boy could get a part time job as an automatic sprinkler. By the time we were done, he had sprayed the entire seat, three walls, his pants and ME! I was standing BEHIND him, so don't ask how it happened. All I know is that, between me trying to steady him a couple more times, the seat trying to fall a couple more times, and a bladder that has never been more full, it was a wet mess. I wish I could say that I kept my temper and all ended well, but that would be someone else's mom. I put my hands on the toilet tank and gave it a bit of a shove, hoping that I could push it back just enough to keep it from knocking over the lid. Bad idea. The tank now has a hairline fracture on the back and a very slow drip. Fortunately, my dad is a great fixer guy, and he says it will only take a little JB Weld and work, so the story ends well. In the meantime, Paul does not stand and go. Sitting will be just fine until he is a little older and a little more controlled.


KellyAnne said...

My favorite part is where you say that no, "that would be someone else's mom"! You are so funny.
Dallin is not allowed to stand up either. Sometimes in an emergency (and you know what I mean) in a public place I will let him stand up. Typing this out though, I realize how gross that is that I don't care if he makes a mess when it's not at home where I have to clean it up. It's still a mess, after all. I'm remembering that I've heard stories of putting cheerios in the toilet to teach boys to aim, but so far sitting down works out just fine!

Chev said...

Still one of my all time favorite stories! LOL!

Celeste said...

That is SO funny! I'm sooooo glad that I haven't had to try to potty train a boy yet. Isn't it great to learn things the hard way?