"We can do no great things, only small things with great love." - Mother Teresa

Sunday, June 22, 2008


It is nice to know someone loved me enough to tag me, so I am playing along...

Okay here are the rules just write 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 obsessions, 3 random facts and 3 people to tag.

3 Joys -
  1. Creating - i love to create stuff - quilts, books, baskets, baby shoes, hair bows, it doesn't really matter what, I just love to create (see my link for A Place for Crafts)
  2. My family - what would life be without someone who needs you?
  3. Quiet time - i just can't seem to get enough of it

3 Fears -

  1. Okay, I know this is exposing a lot but and I am not asking for reassurance but... I am always afraid people will think I am a big dork. I know, I shouldn't worry about what other people think, but I do.
  2. Loosing Joy; not the boys, just Joy. Weird, I know.
  3. The Laurels won't like my lesson on Sunday. (Refer to #1 on this list)

3 Goals -

  1. To spend my time profitably this summer. I want to start working with Joy on her reading and other schooly-type things, with Paul on his physical and occupational therapy, and the kids on art and other projects. I want to get together with friends regularly, with and without kids. I want to work on a bunch of craft projects.
  2. To establish healthy eating and exercising habits. I am already well on my way in the exercise category, but I also want to eat, and teach my children about eating, a more balanced diet. More fruits, vegetables, fiber and water.
  3. To develop a more Christ-like attitude.

3 Obsessions -

  1. Organization - I have a new disorder - LCD: label compulsive disorder. One of my favorite toys is my shiny, red label maker.
  2. People - I think people are fascinating! I love to watch people, and read their blogs!
  3. Learning how to do new crafts

3 Random Facts -

  1. I have a really hard time getting to bed at night. If I make it before midnight, it is a good night. This might not be an issue if the kids didn't get up at 6am.
  2. I cannot sleep without my body pillow.
  3. I find that my life is much happier if I clean house before I go to bed at night. It is much easier to get up in the morning and be happy if I don't start behind. (Can you tell I am doing this right before bed?)

3 Tags -

  1. Chivaun (to help in your start blogging ;) )
  2. Amanda
  3. Becky


Crystal said...

I love reading blog tags. They really are so telling. You and I really do have a lot in common, except the obsession with having a clean and organized house. That is just something you have that I want!

Lyndee said...

Your blog is cute, I love the new look! and I love people looking (blog stalking) too! :)

Chev said...

How did you get a cool blog like that? I hate my blog look. ugh

What the heck is a "tag"???

Jennnnnna said...

Oh goodness.
Honestly? You have blown us away with your awesome lessons. No fail. Apparently we are not being reassuring enough. We'll work on it. :)