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Thursday, June 26, 2008


The kids and I were over at a friend's house today, and after about 1.5 hours I started thinking, "Hmm, I wonder if it is time for us to go?" We were having a great time and I could have stayed for a lot longer, but I know that, on occasion, people have stayed at my house longer that I would have chosen. I watched my host carefully for tell-tale signs of over-stay, but she is too polite to do that to a slug. Fortunately, something came up (I think Brigham wet his pants) so it was a clear easy break. But it left me wondering about the appropriate times. I am sure there is a rule of thumb out there, but I don't know what it is. Any ideas?


Lyndee said...

hmm, that is a good question! I have no idea! :) as you can tell, i don't visit people often. sad but true!

Chev said...

I have that happen all the time, and I have decided to just kick people out. LOL...just kidding, Charlie doesn't count.

I guess it would depend on what you had planned on; on what you have going on the rest of the day; I dunno any other reasons...

I usually just kick myself out...although when I go to your house the conversations are riveting, making it difficult to leave. :D

Erin said...

Whenever, I have done play dates it's usually at 10:30-12:00. Which always seems like a good amount of time. But it always hits where its lunch so it works perfect. So an hour and a half always seems good to me. But you could also ask before you go, I guess. I have had times when longer would be really nice!!

Stacie said...

I always assume a play date is 1 1/2 hours unless it is othewise stated. I agree that it makes it less complicated if you base it around a meal time, or another obligation.

KellyAnne said...

I think you are talking about MY house, right?! :)
I was telling my sister-in-law about your visit and how nice and refreshing it was to just hang out and chat with a friend. I don't do it often enough! It was great that the kids just played and had fun and we got to just relax. I was so glad that you came over.
And no you didn't overstay at all-- I think when you did leave was just fine because it seemed that the kids were getting bored. In general I think I've noticed that by about 2 hours of anything it's time to move on to something else.
But again, I'm so glad you came and I really enjoyed your company and think you are fabulous (which is a word I picked up from you by the way!) and I think we should do it again very soon!