"We can do no great things, only small things with great love." - Mother Teresa

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Again, what!?

This morning John decided to take Paul and Brigham for an outing to fly kites. Yeah! I thought to myself, I will get some things done now. No.

"Can you get the boys' shoes and socks on while I get dressed?"
"Where are the boys' jackets?"
"Do you have a quarter?"
"Do you have two quarters?"
"Where are the kites?"
"Where is the cell?"

I finally stopped him, took his hands and said, "If I spend my entire day doing piddly things for you, I will never get my stuff done!" To which he laughed, asked where HIS jacket was, and left. As soon as the door closed I made a frustrated noise and asked, of no one in particular, "What am I going to do with that man?"

"Well, since you married him, you can't kill him." - Yes, Joy was in the living room, calmly building a train. I don't think I will encourage her to go into practice as a marital counselor. Maybe I will stop asking rhetorical questions where she can hear, her solutions are a little too, enticing.


Chev said...

I think you should write a book of Joy quotes...it could be a best seller... ;)

The Buhlerketeers said...

Tara...that was quite funny. I enjoyed an audible laugh. Tell Joy "thank you."


KellyAnne said...

That is hilarious. I can definitely relate! Joy is a crack-up too. :)