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Friday, June 6, 2008


So, I am in need of some ideas. Paul and Brigham are both potty trained and don't have much problem with urinating in the seat. However, if I have to clean poop out of one more pair of underwear, I think I will lose it permanently. As of now, both boys have each had one or two bowel movements on the seat, but both of those were about a month ago. When they go in their underwear they get a cool shower to wash of the offending matter, and then they personally clean their underwear out in the toilet. I have a jar of mini-candy bars in the bathroom and they get one if they manage a BM on the seat. So far, neither of them have earned a single one. Also, the boys sometimes go for a couple of days without a BM, and some days they have a couple a day; I never can tell which kind of a day it is going to be. So, if you have any suggestions (or the names of any good obedience schools) I would love them! Thanks!


Erin said...

So I would say that jelly beans aren't the best reinforcer for them, so I would find a better one. Even if in the begining its something bigger then you would normally do, to get them going!

KellyAnne said...

My kids are stubborn. Bribing didn't really help much. Both Kara and Dallin were afraid and so they would hold it and then get constipated. I hate the cleaning out the underwear phase! I'm sorry you're going through that right now!
Dallin hated the cold baths, the cleaning out his own underwear, and I had really cool toys for rewards that he really wanted! But we still had lots and lots of accidents. It was especially embarrassing when we were visiting my parents' house, oh boy.
I used a portable potty chair for him at home (even though I think they are disgusting) and I would keep it near where he played. I remember one day he was playing outside on the patio, and the potty chair was just inside the door. I knew he had to go, because every few minutes he would get that look on his face. I tried making him come sit on the potty. Nothing (oh, there were times when he sat there FOREVER!) So he would go back outside and say he didn't need to go anymore. Soon I would see the look on his face again, and eventually he was coming in on his own to sit on the potty. But still nothing. Finally, after lots of trips in and out of the house, it finally happened and he barely made it to the potty chair. I was ecstatic and he was relieved! After that, he started to get the idea that he really could do it and there weren't as MANY accidents. But it was always hard when he was in the middle of playing something, especially if he was outside.
For my kids, I have to be supportive and encouraging but really try hard to appear not to care so much. They did much better when they thought it was their own idea.
Good luck, it's not much fun but it's so great when they finally get it. And they will, eventually!