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Monday, October 11, 2010

The Pumpkin Patch

We are lucky enough to live close to a large pumpkin patch, and even luckier to have had a sunny afternoon today so we could go. We went and looked at BUNCHES of pumpkins.
Can you tell how many pumpkins are in here? We added about that many again before we were satisfied!
Interesting to note is the fact that we did not buy any of the pumpkins pictured here. We had an interesting lesson on value. After trudging out the the patch (it wasn't really that far, but I was pushing Hyrum in the wheelbarrow), selecting our 12 pumpkins, hauling them all the way back, and waiting in line to make our purchase, we noticed something we hadn't seen before. We thought we had the $0.22/lb pumpkins in our wheelbarrow. But, then we saw a price we hadn't seen before - $0.35/lb for sugar pumpkins. Sure enough, all of ours were sugar pumpkins. So, without hesitation or embarrassment, we hauled them all back out to the patch, put them back, and selected two, big, obviously NOT sugar pumpkins, and hauled them back to the stand. All the while, we talked about how, even though they were smaller, the sugar pumpkins would cost more. So, we left with two big pumpkins and a promise to check the sales flyer for our local food market for when their pumpkins go on sale, so we can buy even MORE pumpkins, and get more for our money. I'll tell you what, my kids are going to grow up understanding value! And, I can get away without exercising tonight. My arms got plenty of workout with that wheelbarrow!

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