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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Joy's new room

Recently, I visited my sister Brya, and she had the coolest colors on her kids' bedroom walls. I was inspired, and wanted to try some color myself. I will say, my colors are MUCH brighter than hers, so don't be afraid to go in her house.

This is Joy's room. I am not sure which of these pictures best reflects the actual color of her room, so pick your favorite and go with that.
I never realized how hard it is to take pictures of a room, until I tried it. (Nor did I realize how much dust there was on top of the ceiling fan until I posted this picture!)
To get the flow of the room, imagine that you have walked in and turned back to face the door. This would be what you see. (Wall 1) Now, turn to your left. No, your other left.
Continue to turn. (Wall 2)
Turn again. I know, the light through the window really throws things off. (Wall 3)

And this is the last turn before you are back to the door. (Wall 4)
My favorite part about this room was how CHEAP it was. It only took one gallon of paint, $14 at Walmart! The words on the wall were a lucky dollar store find, $1 for an alphabet, and we got 5. The diamonds were also a dollar store find, 2 for $1. The dragonflies and flowers were vinyl cut by my sister, but only cost $4 for the vinyl. The shelves and frame came from the thrift store and just got a coat of paint. And, the curtains and sheets (which match the curtains but you can't see) were on sale at Walmart and came to $19 total! I am telling you, not only was this room fun to conceptualize and create, but it was great on the checkbook! The boys room is next on the list, and although I have actually already painted, I think it will have to wait to decorate until after Christmas when things quiet down a bit.

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KellyAnne said...

I LOVE IT!!!! Really I do! You did a great job, Joy is so lucky!