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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How far will $20 go at Rite Aid?

I love a good deal. Really, I LOVE a good deal. And, recently, I have discovered the value of coupons and knowing good store policies. I have been super excited lately to find that we have a Rite Aid and Walgreens in town, and they have some amazing programs that really allow me to stretch my dollar much farther than this inflationary economy would suggest. So, I have decided to do an experiment. I am going to see how far $20 will go at Rite Aid. There is a condition to this experiment - I am not just going to get stuff because I can get it cheap/free; it has to be stuff that I will use/gift.

Having said that, here is my starter. I went yesterday, and got 3 lip glosses, 7 lip sticks, and 10 nail polishes for a whopping total of $20, retail price $40. (I had a coupon, so that took care of the tax.)

The lip stuff was buy one, get a nail polish free, and each lip item/nail polish awarded me a +Up reward of $1, so since I purchased 20 items, I got $20 worth of +Up rewards. These rewards can be used the same as cash (mostly) for Rite Aid purchases. So, essentially, I got all of the above for free!

I have noticed that I tend to say, "for free" and apply that to this purchase, and then the next purchase where I actually use my +Up rewards. So, I guess another purpose of this experiment is to see how much I really get out of my $20. Want to know where I find out about all of these good deals? Go to Hip2Save, my newest favorite deal site! I will try to stretch these $20 as far as they go and keep you posted on the progress. The idea is to keep a running tally of total value and then at the end picture all I purchased for my $20. We will see how it goes!
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