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Monday, October 18, 2010

My newest toy - Thanks Harry!

I finally decided that, even though I really wanted one, I couldn't justify the expense of a new power tool, let alone the two I wanted. Yes, I wanted a mitre saw and a table saw. However, good sense finally kicked in. I figured I could just settle for a hand tool. So, I went to Walmart and was checking out the muscle driven variety. While I was pondering the pros and cons of the selections, and trying to keep Brigham and Hyrum from cutting off their fingers, who should walk down the aisle than my good friend Harry. I admit, he did seem a bit surprised to see me down the tool aisle, but the surprise could have been at my lunacy in bringing the BOYS down the tool aisle. Well, after chatting after a minute and finding that I was planning on buying a mitre saw, Harry offered to give me the one he had and wasn't using. What a great guy! He even dropped it by that afternoon!

Thanks, Harry! And, no, it wasn't this dusty when he dropped it off. This baby has seen some action!
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Nerell said...

I am glad that you could put it to use! Harry is like a little kid at Christmas time when it comes to tools, mmmmm which tool should we use today. LOL