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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Gel Paint

While perusing various blogs (I never knew there were so many out there) I found a recipe I just had to try - gel paints. This is what we ended up with. Oh yes, although the recipe is actually for scented gel paints, I did not add the scent - the thought of my kids eating cornstarch water was not appealing. Trust me, if it smelled good, they would have eaten them. (As a review of the recipe, I am not sure I will make them again. They thickened FAST, and were not really satisfying to paint with. Definitely cook them on medium, not high.)
Anyway, I figured that if I gave the kids something to do, I was more likely to be able to listen to General Conference. Who am I kidding? But, it was really cute to watch them paint. I don't know if you can see it, but Brigham's jaw is set in his I'm-really-focusing-here set. Some people stick out their tongues, Brigham sets his jaw and goes to work.
Maybe you can see it a little better here. And no, I don't usually have the boys hang around shirtless in October, but these paints stain.
Joy did not have any desire for the sensory experience of gel paint finger painting. Nice, clean, un-squishy watercolors for her, thank you very much!
Yes, I did get to listen to Conference for 10 minutes before I had to come up with another diversion.
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