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Saturday, October 9, 2010

A day for crafting

We had big plans today. We were going over to visit the Olympic Peninsula, and we were excited. Then, Brigham had the nerve to come down with this nasty croupy garbage, and the road trip got put on the back burner. So, we decided to declare it a day of crafting. We seriously spent a good chunk of the day just puttering around making "stuff". You can look at my craft blog for more instructions and links to tutorials if you are interested.

This is take two on the cute flower pins we found at Wise Craft. 75% smaller than the pattern, and I am LOVING the cream canvas! A friend gave me a bunch of vintage buttons, and I can't wait to do some more of these babies! Joy even joined in the fun and made a Halloween one!
I have been working on getting Joy's room decorated, and I told her that we couldn't put anything on the walls until we had everything assembled. I lied. We finished her hair clip frame today and I couldn't resist putting it on the walls. Now you know what color Joy's walls are!
And last, a few thrift store tins re-purposed to Halloween decorations. They will get to serve double duty as decoration holders when they are done as decorations.
Hyrum, who woke himself up coughing and is now perched on my lap, has declared me "the coolest". I think my day is complete.
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Anita said...

Looks like fun! Sorry the boys are sick and you had to have a change in plans, but at least it was a fun and productive change! Those walls in Joy's room are really GREEN! Cool!

Becky Jensen said...

sorry you missed forks!! i want a ribbon clippy holder!!!