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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Talented Brother

So, not only do I have a brother-in-the-garage, I also have a talented brother (Mike). When he was in high school, he did this really cool video, and I just had to include it. So, here he is, playing guitar and singing.

Okay, so it really was a video editing class, and he did all the planning, photography, acting and editing. He even combed his own hair. I was quite amazed. When I make my Rock Band video, I am totally hiring him!


Chivaun said...

You know what I think is funny...MIKE...

I want my video posted on your blog...am I not important too!! ;)

Crystal said...

I remember happening upon this video when flipping through the TV channels a little while ago. I think Mike is pretty funny too.

P.S. I'm there tonight...maybe we should make our own video. We could call it, "When the kids go to bed."

Brya said...


Chivaun said...


Ok, here is the video our YSA did last year...I edited it. Yeah...that's right, me. ;) Rock Band was fun tonight!!! =D