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Thursday, March 20, 2008


For those of you who are unfamiliar with how Easter happens at our house, it is a bit different. Here, the bunny comes on the first day of spring. he knows that Easter is about the Atonement and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, so he comes on the first day of spring, which happens to be today. So, last night we dyed our eggs and prepped for the bunny. As expected, he came. He also knows that if there is candy around our house, the kids don't eat anything else, so he only brought a little of it. The kids got eggs, croc-type shoes, kites, bunny straws, and a few other spring-related things to make up for the lack of candy. Oh, and instead of doing baskets that lay around for weeks getting in the way before they get thrown away, they got shovels and pails. Now they should get some beach use too.

We came down about 7am and found what the bunny had left. Joy is definitely old enough understand looking for eggs, and was actually very good about helping the boys look too.
As for Easter, we actually work on that all week long. I found a great book called "A Christ Centered Easter" that is full of great ideas of how to make this most important holiday focus on what it should. Each day of the week leading up to Easter we talk about what happened on that day in the week before the resurrection. Tonight we will be having a special Jerusalem dinner, washing feet (as Christ did for his disciples) and discussing the last supper and the sacrament. It is always a neat event, and I can't wait to do it this evening. The book has ideas for a very simple observation to a very complex. With all the little people, we are doing the simplest at this point, but we plan to continue the idea every year.

Hope you all have a glorious spring. Oh, these are the eggs we did last night. If you put a sticker on them before you put them in the dye, you can peel it off after they are dyed and the stuff under the sticker stays.


Crystal said...

I really love this idea and I'll have to get more info (and perhaps the book) for next year. I love all the alternatives to candy as well. Because at our house, if it's around, it's hard for the mom not to eat it!

Motherhood for Dummies said...

oh those eggs are sooo cute! I love the letter ideas! Really fun!

Becky Jensen said...

i really like your first day of spring bunny idea! we just might steal it for our family, we had been doing the saturday before easter, but i like your idea better.

Angela said...

Your so creative, what great Ideas.
I may have to try some for next year. Hope all is well

Brooksanne said...

I am totally stealing your ideas for next year!