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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Leprechaun Trap

Joy's project this week for school was a leprechaun trap. We took a box from cookies that Mom got for the kids, and Joy painted it green. We added glitter and buttons and a bird for luck. The plan is one of two things:
1. Put in gold jelly beans dipped in sleeping potion (powdered sugar). Add a blanket and when the leprechaun came in and ate the beans, he will fall asleep until we find him.
2. Glue a stack of gold coins (Chuckie Cheese tokens) together, and glue them to the floor of the house. The leprechaun will spend so much time trying to get the gold, he won't notice when we catch him.
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Brad and Erin Lewis said...

That's a pretty cute house, I might just some and stay in it!!!