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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

$20 at Rite Aid part 2

For those of you who are just tuning in, I am doing a little experiment. I am trying to see how much I can get by spending $20 at Rite Aid. On 10/27/10, I started by making a $20 purchase which resulted in $20 of in-store credit (+Up Rewards, in Rite Aid language). To see what I got then, go here. Having made that initial $20 purchase, I am now just using those +Up Rewards to see how much more I can get for my $20. Here is today's haul, regularly priced at Rite Aid for $50.82. (I know that sounds like a lot for this stuff, there is also a $20 item that is not pictured.)
To make this purchase, I used $13 of my $20 +Up Rewards - that's it! I went to Hip2Save, found out the sales for the week, used those sales and $25 in coupons, and my total for the purchase was only $16. Unfortunately, you can't use +Up Rewards to pay tax, so I did pay $3 out-of-pocket. However, all is not lost! I got an additional $9 in +Up Rewards from this purchase, and will also get a check for $6 in the mail the end of November when my single check rebates are sent to me. So, I have $16 in +Up Rewards and $3 in cash from the rebate. $1 down, $19 to go!
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