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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rite Aid part 4

The deals on essentials are so good this week that I had to go back for a second round. Here is the haul:
$31.03 worth of toothpaste, vitamis and supplements. And, I still have $20 left to spend. Just in case you were wondering, I am paying for sales tax out of the original $20. The amazing thing about Rite Aid is that, when you go over the value of the product in coupons, you get that amount taken off other items on your bill. And, lots of these purchases qualify for single check rebates, so I actually get a check in the mail. That's how I am paying the sales tax. So, for my original $20 I have gotten $173 worth of products, and I still have $20 left to spend. Have you started shopping at Rite Aid yet? See here for the last purchases.
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