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Saturday, January 8, 2011

A quiet Saturday with the sock puppets

Today we decided to spend the day at home creating. Paul and Hyrum made houses for their glitter balls, Joy made a helmet, and we all made sock puppets. The kids picked out socks, hair and eyes and I ran the glue gun. Here are a few:
Brigham c
alls these two Mr and Mrs Crazy Hair. Don't ask me which is which.
It was really fun to spend the day creating and then listening to Brigham. He has the BEST imagination. Oh yes, since we made puppets, I did a little tutorial on how to make the mouths really work. You can find it on my craft blog.
Okay, I had to put in a picture of Joy's helmet. We went to see Narnia tonight, and so she decided that she needed to make a helmet in honor of the occasion. She used paper and masking tape and must have worked on it for two hours. I only got into the action at the very end to help with the visor that, I must add, really goes up and down. It was great, she wore it to the movie, and you could tell when she was getting nervous, because the visor came down!

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