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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy 9th Birthday, Joy!

Wow, I can't believe that she is actually nine years old! I never thought we would really get to this point! For some reason, I have never pictured her (in my mind) as any older than a kindergartener. It seems unbelievable that she has actually been a part of our family for nine years. I can't put into words how much my life has been blessed by having this sweet little spirit influence my life. She isn't perfect, but she is much closer to it than I am. Hopefully she will stick around for a while longer so I can grow up to be like her!
Joy was determined to make her own cake this year, all by herself. So, she followed the directions on the box, and baked her own cake. She was nervous about the frosting part, so I did that for her. For some reason, she thought triangles were an essential element (this was even before the banner) so we put them on. Weird, I know. However, she will get a super cool cake for her birthday party later this week.
Yes, we got her an MP3 player. Since I control entirely what gets put on it, I figured it wouldn't do any harm. She loves to listen to books, so that is what she is getting. On John's wisdom, she gets a speaker, not earplugs!
Since Joy fasted this morning, she really wanted to have crepes and hot chocolate for dinner. Not to nourishing, but you only get a birthday once a year, right?
Cool birthday banner, huh? Just get a Silhouette (like I did for Christmas) and you can whip one out in no time! And, Joy LOVED it!
I am not exactly sure why Joy opened her presents in her pjs, it wasn't really that late. But, she got a house coat, slippers, and monkey pants for her birthday, so here she is, modeling.
Who's the cuter monkey?
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