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Friday, January 7, 2011

January Craft Group

Yeah! We have a winner! For those interested in participating in the first monthly craft group, it will be held at my house on Thursday, January 20th. We will do a day session at 10am and an evening session at 8pm. (Joy has a musical program at school that night, sorry). However, the craft we will be doing should be fairly easy, so it won't take long. We are going to be making these:

Since we are moving into February, we are going to do Valentine's colors. Cost is $1.50 per headband. If you are interested, please get money to me by Monday, Jan 10th so I can get supplies ordered and here prior to the 20th. For all details, please see the OH Craft Group Blog. We will use this blog in future to do all of the coordination of the group. Please leave details of how many you want in the comment section of that blog if you have not already done so! I am so excited!

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