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Friday, September 10, 2010


Yes folks, for the first time in 3 years, the Duggar family took a vacation. It was FABULOUS! And hot, and full of kids. I don't remember the last time I have seen so many kids. (See bottom for proof.)
I am going to do pictures in reverse chronological order, because I always forget and load them that way. Here you go -
While visiting with my brother Matt and his family, Joy got daring on the monkey bars. She was hanging upside down, and tried to flip her legs off. Needless to say, she didn't stick the landing. Okay, her face stuck the landing, in the woodchips. She also accomplished a bloody nose. I was really impressed with the amount of not-crying I heard. But, this was the look she got to sport on the first day of school. Everyone loves a kid with scabs, right?
And, that is my entire picture history of Matt's. I think I was exhausted by the end of the trip.

On the way to Matt's, we stopped by the Reno temple. Hard to get a close up on faces and get the angel. Trust me, the faces are pretty tired.At Erin's, we met up with my Aunt Cherie, Uncle Don, and cousins Celia, Olivia, and their kids. We went by Lattin Farms, where Uncle Don works. Yum! Delicious cantaloupe, fresh watermelon, and u-pick veggies. Yes, I did pick. Yes, we had brushette later in the evening.They have this great little cow train they hook up to the back of a golf cart thing and haul the kids around. Uncle Don was our "in" and the kids rode free.

What you can't tell from the clip is the rapid rate at which the cow train goes when Uncle Don is driving. This was taken after a stop (Madison thought the dirt bouncing in the bottom of her car was a bug). Hyrum had to be removed because it was too "bumpy". This video shows the start up, and just at then end, you see how fast those cows can go!I know, knife safety. The kids had their back turned.And then there was the lake. Even though it was down about a million feet, give or take a few, we made the most of it. On a scorcher day, anything is good.We also found that the sand had clay in it, so we all clayed up and got muddy. Moms too. A few of us were more brazen than others. Of course, a few of us look cuter with paunches than others!There was also a great park at Erin's, and we took full advantage of that.Hyrum has become obsessed with making faces.For those of you who don't know all my family (especially the extended) in this picture you see (from left to right) my sister in law Janet, sister Erin, cousin Celia, and aunt Cherie. I am not sure who those strange kids in the background are.At Brya's, it just seemed like the house reverberated with kids. Since she had the biggest house, we spent most of our time there. There were usually 10 kids, and 3 to 4 adults. Wild!

Madison and Joy (with Dayton by an ear)Okay, I admit it, most of these pictures are just so you can see how many kids there were.The girls - Joy, Madison, Jenna and Emma
The boys - Dayton, Wyatt, Brigham, Hyrum, Austin, and PaulThis is not a great video, but it does demonstrate a bit how much movement we saw.

Yes, this is how we all felt when we were done. Thank you Wyatt and Brigham!


Becky Jensen said...

looks like a fun trip! glad you are back!

Anita said...

Lots of fun! What would family get-togethers be without LOTS of yelling and running with the kids? That whole layering yourself with the clay thing was a bit much for me, though. Ick!