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Friday, September 17, 2010

Hyrum is THREE!

I know, it seems like he is older, but no - he is only three. And, he wanted a pirate cake for his birthday. That was a ton of fun. See post below. And, now, the picture roll. Not much commentary, sorry. Hyrum got a bunch of new Signing Time DVDs. Did you know there is a second volume with 13 more DVDs? Hyrum loves Signing Time, and was still excited when he came to the fourth package.

Uncle Charlie and Aunt Janet came down, and we sure enjoyed having them.

John is such a great dad. He got key chain flashlights for each of the kids, and Hyrum got to open them and distribute them to all his siblings. They LOVED them.
However, the favorite gift of the night was Joy's. She got Hyrum a new baby brother. Yes, it is a doll. Hyrum is my biggest helper, and definitely a nurturing little soul. None of our other kids have ever had any interest in dolls, including Joy. However, Hyrum loves the dolls in nursery at church and begs for one every time we pass by the isle at Walmart. So, he now has a baby who he is referring to interchangeably as his "friend" or his "baby brother". And yes, he has named him. Scrabble. Hyrum original.
Don't worry, John is appropriately dubious.
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KellyAnne said...

I love that kid! I'm glad to know he just turned 3. At my house the other day, when he told me he was 2 I was really surprised! He definitely seems older. Cute cute!

Celeste said...

Noah has a boy doll too. I saw your kids the other day (it's been a LONG TIME) and I was AMAZED at how tall Hyrum and Brigham are!