"We can do no great things, only small things with great love." - Mother Teresa

Monday, January 26, 2009

More stuff

  • I just spent literally 45 MINUTES filling out paperwork for the family dental appointments today. Maybe they are hoping that the actual appointment itself will not seem so bad in contrast.

  • Brigham is a bit obsessive. Many of you know we had to put away all letters because he became obsessed. Well, the obsession seems to have transferred to Blue's Clues. He regularly designates John as "Joe" and himself as "Steve". Today, I became "Side Table Drawer". He used those names exclusively until after breakfast.

  • Speaking of breakfast, we had a great one today. I put frozen blueberries and raspberries on oatmeal in the mornings for a nice change. I was visiting teaching the other day when one of the ladies said they put a little scoop of ice cream on theirs. Yum! So, this is what we had.

  • This is my peace lately. When I get to feeling stressed or angry or grumpy, I just play with my cute boy. Doesn't he make you feel better too?

  • Lastly, the boys and I decided to paint today. I bought canvases back in MN on a good sale, and I have some blanks laying around. So, we pulled out some acrylic paints, donned some old shirts (not long enough, though), put the paint on an old cookie sheet, and went to town. After the boys got bored, I finished up. I will post that after it dries and I get a picture.


Diane said...

Ice cream on oatmeal! Isn't it great.

Becky Jensen said...

i have never tried ice cream on oatmeal, but it sounds yummy!!looks like a fun day. (in comparison Emelia has been calling me "grandma" all day!!)

KellyAnne said...

FUN!!! I may steal your idea and try the canvas thing. What a great idea.
However, even the ice cream on oatmeal would not coax me into eating it. I just can not do oatmeal. I was traumatized as a child and made to eat it every morning. NEVER again!

Anita said...

The breakfast sounded REALLY good. Well, all except the oatmeal part. Nasty, pasty, horrible-textured food. That's what it is. Ugh! I'm all for the ice cream and berries for breakfast, though.