"We can do no great things, only small things with great love." - Mother Teresa

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

And this is why I don't make cookies...

Let me just start by saying that, since the new year started, I have been eating really well.  Nothing crazy, just very healthy.  By that I mean, I am eating mostly fruits, vegetables and whole grains, with some dairy, a little meat, and as little processed food as I can manage.  I cut out chocolate for the year as a personal test to see if I had the self-disciple to give up something I REALLY love.  And, that was easier than I thought.  Since I started eating better, the kids are doing this too.  They eat a lot more good stuff, and have endured the change remarkably well.  Since John has been gone for the past 20 months, I didn't even have to contend with another adult who thought I was nuts.  Well, John got home on Thursday.  And, he likes what we are eating.  But, I have this ridiculous desire to nurture through food - that is, the food I associate with love and comfort.  So, today I made oatmeal cookies.  I found a pretty healthy looking recipe (as far as cookies go) and even added flaxmeal to ramp up the health factor.  But, so far today, I have eaten NINE COOKIES!  No cookies or really sweets even for three months, and in one day I eat NINE COOKIES!  Did I mention that I have been taking the kids to BaskinRobbins once a week for $1 kids cones and I haven't broken down and gotten a single one?  No?  Well, I haven't.  But, today I ate NINE COOKIES!  They aren't even super good.  Okay, they are good, but not NINE COOKIES good!  Urgh, no more cookies for us!

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Linda said...

You are awesome and made of sterner stuff than me. I can hardly make a few days without a treat and I'd never survive a weekly trip to Baskin Robins! 1 day of cookies... I think you deserve it!