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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Joy the fashion designer

For years, Joy has wanted a sister. She has pretty much given up on that crazy dream now, but every now and then something happens to spark her girlish fancies again. This time it was the birth of a baby girl cousin who lives pretty close. So, Joy has decided to be a designer. She got out the scraps from her quilt and has been working on a variety of projects. Today, she decided to design a bracelet. It was four or five layers of fabric, cut to an oval shape, with an oval hole in the middle. Then, she hand-basted (although I am sure she meant it to be a real seam) around the inside hole. When I explained that what she had created would be a bit of a choking hazard for poor Grace, her plan shifted. She pulled the sewing tight, which caused the whole thing to ruffle, and turned it into a flower. Then, she cut out a "lily pad" from green fabric, glued a pin on the back and, viola! She made a pretty cute little pin. I was quite impressed. She did it all except the hot gluing, which I insisted on doing myself.Since this worked out, she has decided she wants to make a dress, using Paul as her model. When I informed her in no uncertain terms that Paul could not serve as model, she was pretty upset. It took me convincing her the she didn't have near enough fabric to make a Paul-sized dress to get her to use Scrabble (Hyrum's baby doll) for her model instead.

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Diane said...

It is beautiful! You need to get her a doll that would be fun to sew for. I still do that.