"We can do no great things, only small things with great love." - Mother Teresa

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Leprechaun Mischief

I was not aware until that leprechauns sometimes made house calls. Fortunately, Joy went to kindergarten last year and now we know better. Or, maybe it isn't a good thing. Regardless, we did get a visit from one of those little mischief makers. Over the last few days, Joy has been working on a leprechaun trap. We got the idea from Family Fun, and we really enjoyed it.
So, last night, we set our trap. The idea was that when the leprechaun climbed the ladder and stepped on the hat to claim his gold, he would fall in (the top was just a piece of felt set over an opening) and we would have him. However, he managed to knock it over and take the gold. He did leave us some gold chocolate bars inside,
but I am not sure the havoc he wrecked on our house was worth it!
Okay, it was totally worth it. Imagine this in every room of the house. Every open container of fluid was dyed green, every picture tilted crooked, rugs flipped upside down, lamps turned upside down, you can just imagine. Then, he even had the nerve to taunt us!

I, for one, was indignant! Joy was ecstatic. When she woke up and saw the crooked pictures in her room, she came racing in to my room with, "Mom! The leprechaun was here last night! He turned the pictures in my room crooked! Mom! He was here!" Every new thing she found was a surprise. Anytime she left a room and came back to something different, it was the leprechaun. Never mind the three brothers who are constantly moving things. Even Paul got into it. He noticed his train was turned upside down, and he was so excited.

Breakfast was also fun, we had shamrock rolls. Joy has decided that we need to do this every year.


Nick Amanda and Carter said...

what a cool mom you are!!! Your kids are "lucky"

KellyAnne said...

You are WAYYYY too fun! I am busted up reading this and looking at your pictures. What a fun day!

Jenna said...

Ok. That is just awesome. Holy cow. What fun.

Angela said...

Your are so creative and fun! LOVE IT!!!!

Kathy said...

You are seriously amazing. I thought I was good to have peas with out dinner for St. Patricks Day since they are green. All the stuff witht he leprechaun was so cute too.