"We can do no great things, only small things with great love." - Mother Teresa

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I have two great Brigham stories to share.

Yesterday, I sent Brigham out to play with Paul. I walked away, and when I turned around, there was Brigham, standing in front of the sliding glass door with his pants around his ankles. "That's odd." I thought. "It is not even 40 degrees out there. I wonder what he is doing." It was then that I noticed the spray on the glass. Yes, Brigham decided to go on the backdoor. Where do they pick these things up? We had a discussion about appropriate places to go outside. Fence - fine. Bushes - fine. Sliding glass door - not fine. I swear, you would think they were raised in a barn. And, while I don't really like the idea of them going on the fence, I would far rather that than in their pants. At least he is recognizing the need and addressing it semi-appropriately.

Today I was waiting while Brigham was sitting on the potty seat and decided to call my dad. Brigham likes to take his time, so I figured I had a few minutes. When he saw me dial, he wanted to talk. Fortunately, Dad is a good grandpa and was more than happy to talk to Brigham. The conversation went like this:

  • Grandpa - "How are you, Brigham?"
  • Brigham - "I'm Brigham."
  • G - "I know you're Brigham, how do you feel? Are you being a good boy?"
  • B - "No, I not a good boy, I Brigham."

Out of the mouth of babes.


Becky Jensen said...

i love it! these times are sure fun!

Anita said...

At least it was OUTSIDE. Brady went through a phase where he went in a corner in the basement - repeatedly - because he didn't want to leave the TV or toy room long enough to use the bathroom. We had a SERIOUS discussion about that once I figured out where the urine smell was coming from when it started to overtake the basement. At least that was the worst of it. I think you have your hands much more full with Brigham. Especially since he's aware of what he's doing when he's destroying something and he knows that he's not a good boy - he's Brigham.