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Friday, November 14, 2008

Wraps and Ranch

I invited my ingrate brother Charlie to have lunch with me today. He hung out with me for the morning, so I didn't want to just eat in front of him. I made a really yummy wrap (tortilla, spring mix greens, grilled chicken, shredded cheese and Ranch dressing) and we got into a theological debate. Charlie maintains that wrap is just a fancy word for burrito so that stores don't sound like they are selling Mexican food. He says that, since the main component is Mexican (tortilla) that makes the whole thing a burrito. I say, that because the thing does not have Mexican seasoning, it is not Mexican, and therefore not a burrito, but a WRAP! Obviously, the boy has issues. But then, my crazy sisters agreed with him, so now he thinks he is right. Bear me out here, a wrap is a wrap, and a burrito is a Mexican entree involving some kind of meat/beans and MEXICAN seasoning!

Also, he says that Ranch is not a cowboy dressing. (Please don't ask how we got there, the discussion was long, varied, and not really that interesting.) But, who knows any cowboy who uses any dressing other than Ranch. For heaven's sake, its called RANCH. How much more cowboy-ee can you get?


Nick Amanda and Carter said...

I must say this sounds just like something me and my younger bother (21) would debate...oh how i miss these sometimes...i stress sometimes!!

Chivaun-o-rama said...

You know what I love about this poll so far? 2 people have voted and so the poll is 100% in favor of the wrap.

Tara, tell Charlie to do his research first.

Viva La Wrap!

If there were beans and onions and cheese...then you could call it a burrito. :)

Linda said...

Tara you are hilarious. And I am a little jealous of your lunch. I usually have PBandJ. I think I might need to upgrade. Oh yeah I haven't forgotten Visiting Teaching just have contact problems.

Chivaun-o-rama said...

LOL!!! no one voted for Burrito...hahahaha

Trixie said...

First of all I think eveyone should have a crazy sister. Sencond, you aren't going to have anyone vote for borrito because no one wants to admit that they are really eating them. It just sounds more glamoruos to say wrap!

Angela said...

Too funny! I am on your side it is a wrap and I am coming over soon to share one with you for lunch. Jk but it was a nice idea. Hugs

KellyAnne said...

I think if you hold it, it's a wrap. If you eat it on a plate with a fork, BURRITTO.
There you go. A wrap is more of a sandwich.