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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Anne of Green Gables

Every night, I read to the kids. When all goes well, we put them in bed at 6:30pm and then I read for about a half an hour. First they get a chapter or two of some book they wouldn't have the patience to sit still for. We have done the Narnia books, the Ramona books, and assorted others. Right now, we are working on Anne of Green Gables. And, I have to say, Anne is my all-time, no-questions-asked, FAVORITE book in the whole world! I haven't read her for years, but I thoroughly enjoy it. And, we end up reading more than a chapter or two, because John and I are enjoying it so much. The cutest is when I find John in our room reading ahead! After their story book, I also read a chapter of the Book of Mormon to them. I figure, there is no time like the present to start. I have to say, I really think this is a great idea. It gets the kids settled down for bed (usually) and gives them a chance to be exposed at a younger age to good books. It is a treat for us all, and I like the idea that they will have the memories of me reading to them. I also record some of the books, so when the night is really busy or there is a babysitter, they can just put on a tape and the kids still get their book.


Erin said...

I have never read those books, just watched the movies. Maybe I'll have to try them when I;m done with the series I'm in!! Oh, cute backround!!

Chivaun-o-rama said...

Oh my gosh, ERIN...you have to read them! My love of reading started with Anne of Green Gables...what an amazing book, and series for that matter.

They are riveting! ;)