"We can do no great things, only small things with great love." - Mother Teresa

Thursday, May 8, 2008


So, if my blog were a plant, it would be brown, dry and dead. If it were a child, CPS would have been called in. And, it is all my own fault. Actually, as much of what I blog is life around here, I think I would have been censored if I had been blogging lately. Now that Paul is mostly potty trained (still working on those darn BMs!), Brigham has decided he wants to do it too; which of course, is GREAT! However, there is a lot of indecent exposure going on. If I blogged, it would be obscene. I feel like many hours everyday are spent in the bathroom with two little boys. I was actually just commiserating with my sister who is potty training her twin boys and being grateful that I didn't have to fend one off the other for turns on the seat. Be careful about what you are grateful you don't have - you might get it. Now, the chore is trying to keep Brigham from sticking his head in the toilet to see what Paul just did, or the other way around. Fortunately, Brigham is going to be an easy train - he has seen what Paul does and wants to do it too. I actually started because I went upstairs one day and found Brigham on the seat and it was obvious that HE had filled it. YEAH! I was really worried Brigham would be very hard because he is so busy.

Anyway, in the meantime we have been keeping busy with all sorts of crazy stuff. I think I am not going to start back to blogging again, sorry for the absence!

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Lyndee said...

hey, there is much indecent exposure going on at my house too! Good luck to you!