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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Catch Up

Sorry about the long pause in blog. We had family in town from the 15th to the 25th, and all our time, attention, and energy was spent visiting. I have to say, there is something magic about family. It was a great visit, if not exactly what we expected. Along with the family came a flu bug, so we had about two days total with everyone feeling well. I guess that is to be expected, Murphy's law, right? Still, we enjoyed each other's company immensly, and can't wait until we all live closer so the visits are more regular. And, of course, it seems like I missed a million things I wanted to blog about during the visit. I guess that too is to be expected. Even now, I don't actually have time to blog, but I have a German Chocolate Cheesecake cooling so I can refrigerate it, so I am using the excuse for a quick, catch-up blog. I promise to do more and better soon. Okay, soon-ish.
Can I tell you how much I love my kids? They are just too cute for words! Joy is really starting to enjoy Hyrum, he is getting far more interactive, and that is what Joy wants. She is always volunteering to play with him, and is definately his protector. Actually, the other day I had to run upstairs for something for just a second, and when I came down, Joy was sitting on the floor, with Hyrum in her lap, using her body as a shield to save him from the ravages of her brothers.
Hyrum is also starting to sit. I emphasize the word starting, because it doesn't happen for very long, but it is in the beginning phases. Another first for Hyrum is solid food. I had the flu for two days, so the milk situation got a little low. Usually I wait until six months for solids, but it seemed cruel not to feed a hungry baby. And, he took to it like a champ, much better than the othe kids have. Have I ever mentioned how much Brigham likes accessories? Glasses are one of his favorites, and he has no objections to wearing them in the tub, either! And, lastly, but oh so excitingly, Paul is just doing beautifully. He seems to have hit a point in life where he wants to communicate. He is signing far more than ever, and picked up four new signs today! That is truly phenomenal for a child who has been using only five or six signs for a year. Also, Paul has an appointment with the Child Psychiatry department of Children's Hospital on March 6th. We are hopeful we may actually find something out as far as a diagnosis. Keep your fingers crossed and pray for us! (Paul found this vest of John's one day, and refused absolutely to let John have it back. He wore it all day.)


Crystal said...

You had a valid excuse for no blogging. Sorry to hear the flu had to visit too, but is always how it works. I've been thinking about you a lot since I knew John had headed back. I got your message the other day and would love to schedule another play date (they are really more for me, the fact that the kids play so well is just a bonus)! Talk to you tomorrow.

Brad and Erin Lewis said...

Wow, I can't believe how big the kids are getting!! Brigham looks like a little boy now, the baby face is gone!! They just grow way to fast!!!!