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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ah, fundraisers

Do you remember back when they used to have us (the school kids) go door-to-door with our fundraiser catalogs selling calendars, candy, and stationary? I thought the system had finally come to its senses and QUIT with the fundraisers. No, my kids just weren't old enough to do them yet. So, Joy came home last week with her fundraiser catalog, just about to wet herself with excitement. She decided we needed to buy EVERYTHING in the catalog. And, John should really take it to the job fair he was going to be attending the next day. When I explained what a job fair was, she decided instead of trying to sell stuff to people, he should just take it along for good luck. And, they tell you that the kids should not go door-to-door selling. They suggest that you just take it to work and leave it sitting on a breakroom table. Well, as it would get eaten within 30 seconds on the table in my breakroom (most people call it the kitchen table) we decided this was not the best alternative. Joy then decided that we should take it to all our friends. Of course, all our friends have kids doing the EXACT SAME fundraiser. Again, not a good option. So, we decided to compromise; I promised Joy that I would do a post on my blog about her fundraiser. That way, she is making an effort, and it is costing me as little agony or frustration as possible. If you want to help Joy on her path to fundraiser glory, go to: NW Fundraising and have fun. And, if you want to just be grateful you don't have worry about this, count your many blessings and laugh at me. However, if you choose option A, her orders must be completed by Tuesday, October 14th.


Becky Jensen said...

posting it on your blog is a good idea! i'll go check it out. Would you like to work on the coupons together? it would be more fun if i had a coupon buddy!

Anita said...

I DESPISE fundraisers, especially when we aren't near any family. Brady's school does about four fundraisers every year and I hate it. If anything is ever bought it is by us, which makes Brady feel bad because he's excited about the incentive gifts they give if you sell "so many" items. We never buy enough to get the gifts and Brady gets really sad because he doesn't get anything from the fundraiser. All of our neighbors are grandparents/seniors who either just support their grandkids in their fundraisers or just aren't interested in buying anything at all. Anyway, I haven't tried this yet, but I was complaining to my sister last spring about this very topic and this was her email response.

"I got to the point that I'd ask how much profit the kids would make off of something, then calculate about how much they would have to sale and then give a check to the school for that amount. If you don't get a benefit, the donation is tax deductible; if you do, it's not. That way you come out ahead both ways. You don't bug your neighbors and you get to deduct it from your taxes. It usually only figures out to $20-50 per person. A $20 donation isn't that bad."

I'm seriously thinking about taking this route on fundraisers this year!

Lyndee said...

oh the joys! my kids just completed theirs. I finally got calmed down enought that they were happy enough to just have one order from me and one from grandma. Four total (Whitney and Caden are both doing them.) Now they each get a prize for participating and all is well! Good luck to you!

Celeste said...

I bought something. Hope it counts for her! I'm not sure how it works.

KellyAnne said...

I refuse to participate in fundraisers like this. They make me so mad. I don't believe in asking my friends/family/or acquaintances to buy things from me. OR my daughter. I mean, if somebody really does want what you're selling and would buy it anyway, that's different. But I don't want anyone buying something from us just because they feel they have to.
It really bugs me, can you tell?

Tara said...

I totally agree with your sentiments. I hope no one feels pressured to buy Joy's stuff!