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Thursday, September 18, 2008

More Blueberries

I have been trying to settle on an evening to go pick so that those who are unavailable during the day can attend, and I have finally found it. Friday evening at 5:15 we will meet here and head over. The blueberries are just north of Dugwalla. Wear long sleeves and closed-toed shoes. Bring your own buckets. We will be leaving half of what we pick as payment. And, should it happen to rain, we won't go. Blueberries and water just don't mix. If you are planning on coming, please leave a comment so we know who to wait for!


Russ & Aspen said...

I will be there. Hopefully it doesn't rain.

KellyAnne said...

Hmmmm I want to come. I am afraid Justin won't be home in time so don't wait for me if I'm not there. I don't know how long you're planning to pick, but would it be possible to call and meet up with you a little late?
By the way it was VERY fun to have Joy over yesterday! We have to do it again very soon.

Warner said...

you can count me in. i'm all about the free berries.