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Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Yesterday we started potty training again. For those of you who don't ready daily, let me give you a quick recap of this monunentous occasion. We have started training 2 or 3 other times, and each time ended unsuccessfully with me pulling out my hair. Last time Paul was so disturbed we thought he had a urinary tract infection. It was a mess. Well, this is spring break and we have over a week with no school, so we canceled all out-of-house excursion and decided to train. I found some fun big boy underwear and when Paul got up on Tuesday, he picked the pair he wanted. And, something clicked. I am happy to say that we are now 4 trips along with no accidents! He even went through nap time without wetting! He is prompting me when he needs to go, and seems really proud of himself. These pictures are after the first successful attempt. My friend Paula made us a scrumptious chocolate cake (I think she is trying to sabotage me on the Dump) and Paul won a piece for going on the seat. That is the brown ring, he isn't growing a goatee.
Joy couldn't resist getting into the pictures.
And, since Paul is obviously a big boy now, I pulled out the trike he got for Christmas and put it together. He now rides the circuit through the kitchen and living room over and over. I am thinking about detaching the bell on the handlebars though. And, I think I will just end up painting over the scuff marks at wheel-height.
On a side note, Brigham is really excited too. I decided to go ahead and let him wear the underwear in the morning. He only made it about 30 minutes yesterday before he went in his chair at the table. However, he has had them on for 2 hours this morning with no mistake. We will just see how that goes.
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