"We can do no great things, only small things with great love." - Mother Teresa

Sunday, January 13, 2008


The kids do a lot of artwork at school, so we have a spot in our entry-to-the-kitchen/laundryroom-hall where it is displayed. We thought you might enjoy seeing it.
Brigham has one to, but as his work is generally done in a notebook, it doesn't usually get hung. And, these spots are along our staircase, so Joy's is up high, Paul's a little lower, and Brigham down fairly low, so his stuff gets pulled down when it does get put up.

Saturday evening I made Jello and both Paul and Brigham wanted to help. I figured, if I want their help when they are bigger, it would be good to let them start now. They are both great stirrers.

And, lastly, we had a visit from Super Pickle. I was making dinner and Hyrum was looking normal. When I turned back from the stove, there was Super Pickle. I am not sure where he put the phone booth he changed in, but judging by the arms around his chest, I would say his partner in crime was my mom!
I do love a man in green. :)


Brad and Erin Lewis said...

That is so cute!! I love a man in a cape!!

Brooksanne said...

I really like the idea of hanging the kids artwork like that. What did you use to do it?

Tara said...

I just put nails in the wall and used medium weight cotton household twine. It was just the rolls you can get at hardware stores. I actually thought jute would look cuter, but I couldn't find mine. And, just regular wooden clothes pins to hang. The kids really like having their work displayed; Paul takes it straight to the wall when he comes home. When we put a new one up, an old one gets taken down and tossed, or if it is one we want to keep I put it in their folder or take a digital picture if it is too big to store.